Toddler words on canvas


My almost two year old son starting babbling all these cute words recently.It is just great to have someone to talk to all day long at home and have him respond back to some degree at least:).

I found this wonderful free word cloud web site called  “Tagxedo”, which helped me create my word cloud art in any custom shape.Since my son loves elephants I made one in the shape of a baby elephant.


Canvas(I used 16×20)

Paint pens(Available at any craft store,I got one set in Michaels for 6.99)


A large printout of the word cloud you created


In order to transfer it to the canvas I first got a printout from fedex in the required size.Then I just traced on the back of the words a couple of times,so that they were visible from under the canvas frame.

Then the next step was tracing out the words on the canvas and coloring them with the paint pens.I found this to be a lot simpler than using a brush and it was smudge free.But if you are an expert painter with steady hands  you can also use a fine tip brush.

And Voilà! That is it.This is an easy diy project to do and also it is a fun activity for my toddler to point at the elephant while I read the words he so often uses.

Please do try this out and let me know what you think about it the comment section below.



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