Glow-in-the dark car entertainment

I recently traveled with my one year old son on a road trip for three hours.Thankfully he slept one way, but on the return journey he was wide awake.We played with his toys,sang songs and ooo-ed at the big trucks that passed us on the highway.

As it was late evening,the light began to fade out.Entertaining a toddler in a car sat in the dark was a tough task.There was a lot of crying and fussing by the time we reached home.That got me thinking of ways to avoid this in the future.

Then I remembered the glow in the dark balls I used to play with when I was small.I decided to make a glow-in-the-dark design to stick on the roof of the car above his car seat.

Materials used:

Rectangular piece of cloth

Glow in the dark paint

Velcro strip

Green or dark yellow crayon.

P.S. I used dark blue cloth but lighter preferably white cloth would work.

If you can draw well,use the paint directly on the cloth


First I drew the design with my crayon on the cloth.(Not very clear:) )


Then I outlined it with the glow in the dark paint and let it dry for 4 hours.


Please check the instructions on your glow in the paint bottle for drying instructions.

And voila!


I charged it for 30 minutes under a normal bulb light.It will glow after 5 minutes of charging under sun light.For better results and if you are willing to spend more you can use an UV light torch or black light bulb too.

Again please check the instructions on your glow in the paint bottle for charging instructions.

Please let me know what you think of it:).


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