Board Activity Book

My son enjoys the board books,we get him from the local library.

So I decided to make one for him.It started out as one but in the end it diverged  to  two board books:).


photo (8).JPG

So here is how I did it.


Old cardboard box

Fat Quarter cloth(White for the pages and Blue print for the cover)

Foam /Felt sheets

Wipes container lid

Icecream sticks




First I cut the cardboard into roughly 6×6 cm squares.

photo (7)

Then using the white fat quarter cloth I covered and hot glued the cardboard pages.

Next I filled in the pages with all the activities which I thought would entertain my son.

Finally I cover the book with the elephant print cloth I got,leaving enough space for the spine of the book.

photo (7)

Here is what I did on each page.

Book 1:

Busy Bee Pull Tab page

This page has one of my son’s favorite toys.Busy bee.He got it for his birthday and he plays with it many times a day.

For this page,I cut out a small busy bee picture from the toy’s box and hot glued it to a piece of cardboard,making the dimensions according the bee’s width and the page’s height.

Then I poked two holes on the cardboard page cloth where I would like the bee to come out from,and cut out connecting the dots.

I tested the bee tab if it would insert correctly.

Next,I hot glued another piece of thick cardboard at the end of the first cardboard tab perpendicularly to make an L shape.

Finally I cut out the top cardboard tab into a curve at the top and stuck a yellow foam sheet  at the first and back of the visible portion.

I tested it with my son and he was able to pull it out.

So I added another thick piece of cardboard to the horizontal piece inside the page.

Test result – success:).

Jungle Pull Tab Page

My son loves animals and has enough stuffed animals to prove it.So I made another pull tab page following the previous page.

The design is similar to the Bee page,but the  tab has to be inserted  as shown in the first picture above.

Beach page

Beaches are one of the favorite places for my husband and me:).
My son has not visited a beach yet,so I decided to make a double page feature  to show him:).

photo (8)
This is a touch and feel page.

I have used thin foam sheets for the sun,sky,sand and sea.

For the clouds I have used a thick foam sheet which I got as part of packaging of an online purchase;)

The grey birds(near the clouds though not clear in this picture) are made of felt.
The shell is a pasta shell.
The crab is cut out of red ribbon.I sealed all the ends so that the thread won’t come out.

Book 2:

The front  cover of the second book is cut out like a photo frame in order to cover the bulky peacock inside.

Peacock page

Never too early to teach my son Patriotism:).The outer cover  represents the tricolor flag of India.

For the peacock,I was inspired by

I added the decorations on the feathers for texture touch activity .

photo (8)I hot glued one of the ice cream sticks to the cardboard page,so the peacock feathers can be opened and closed like a paper fan.

Dog page

photo (8)

As I have mentioned in my previous post,my son loved Dogs.

For this page, I have used a baby wipes container lid.

I simply hot glued it to the white cloth of the cardboard page.
Then stuck a dog face sticker with some yellow card stock paper as background.It opens in the reverse direction o reveal the dog just for a twist:).

Beads page

photo (8)

I just strung some beads onto a thick thread and hot glued the ends.
I also hot glued some buttons and a small cotton ball.


Magnetic fish page

I loved this game as a kid. So I have replicated it in this book.

photo (8)

For the fishes,I have cut two pieces of foam and placed a keychain ring inside them.Then I have stuffed the fish with some felt for puffiness.Then I hot glued the pieces together.
For the pond,I hit glued two pieces of dark blue felt.One oval and the other rectangular to make a pocket for the fishes.
For the rod,I have used a felt stuffed stick,some thread and a small green magnet.There is a holder for the rod.

To increase its sturdiness you can use a dowel rod or an ice-cream stick with some strong twine.

This page is the end of the second book and the back cover is cut out like a photo frame in order to cover the fish game inside.

I have decorated the frame with some felt pond plants.


Hope you like my board book ideas.

Do leave your comments below.



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