Easy Rattle Explorer Toy

All babies love toys that make sound.

I did not like my son chewing on plastic rattles,so I tied up all the plastic to make a toy a little of his reach.

Yes I am a genius. Hahaha.

Here is an easy DIY toy you can make at home with random stuff you lying around.



For this you will need:

A long piece of thread

A pair of scissors

Any small plastic container with a lid(Mine is an old $1 Oreo box)

Some small plastic rattles

Some favorites toys(Safe and choke-free)

I have used 2 small stacking rings  but I tied them to the top and bottom of the lid.So he wouldn’t able to put them in his mouth.


With a pair of scissors or any sharp object,poke and make two tiny hole in the lid and at the bottom of the container(just enough for the thread to pass through).

Pass the piece of thread through the lid and container making knots above the lid and outside the bottom of  the container.Make sure it is tied securely.

Fill the container with the favorite small toys you have selected.

Add the small rattles on top of the lid,make a knot again to secure it agin.

Finally tie the thread to a door handle.

Here are some more photo angles below.


This serves as both a rattle and a explorer toy.My son loves to shake it and pick out his favorite toys from inside by moving the lid.He throws them to the floor and then picks them up again and puts them in.

So this toy helps in improving his

Grasping small objects(motor skills)

Tugging the thread(fine motor skills again)

Standing and bending down (Balance)

Most of all it serves as a distraction while he tries to follow me into the kitchen:).

Please leave your comments to let me know what you think about it…



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