Easy No-Sew Felt Quiet Book

My son and me:)

I must confess straight away that I am not artistic but I love crafts.Always have.

After exhausting my maternity leave I decided to become a SAHM.Though my son keeps me busy and everything he does is precious…I do miss my job once in a while.

So I started with simple DIYs from the internet,Pinterest and YouTube.

By far,this concept of felt quiet/busy book got me interested.(Also lesser guilt as I was making it for the lil one).But I can’t sew , so making any of those lovely busy books with tiny washing machines and cute clothes was out of the question.

My quiet book is of the hot glue gun kind.Also as this is my first post,I only have snaps of the finished book.I will definitely do a step by step picture post the next time.

Things I used

  1. Felt cloth
  2. Foam sheets
  3. Hot glue gun

Note:Use felt cloth/foam sheets in all colors.I got mine at Walmart for 23 cents per cloth and a whole pack of foam sheets for half a dollar.The glue gun with 10 glue sticks was 5 dollars.Good budget I would say:)


  1. For the pages,I cut out 10 felt cloths of different colors in the size of 6″x6″.(You can use any small  board book to outline the page size too.)
  2. Next for the quiet book cover,neatly stack all the pages and wrap a felt cloth over it.Make sure to leave space for the spine of the book.
  3. Now using the hot glue gun ,attach the pages on to the spine of the quiet book(centre of the covering felt cloth).
  4. Make sure to press all the pages in place and re-glue the pages if not firm.
  5. Finally you can fill in the pages with your creativity.I used felt cloth and foam sheets alternatively for the design.

Below the pages which I made:)


Rocket & Alien Page

Twinkle twinkle little star,what a gift from GOD you are!!!!


Vegetable page

I choose his not so favorite vegetables so he may like them better:)


Balloons & Rainbow house page

I used some colored thread for the balloons.Rainbow colored felt strips for the roof and a pink square felt cloth stuck only on the left side to work as a flap.

I put a family photo inside the pink flap

Jungle animals page


These are his favorite animals.HE can pull along the trunk of the elephant.


Cat Dog page

He is crazy about bow-wow s and I love cats.He can tug on the dog’s ears.


Car & Aeroplane page

You can make the car mobile by attaching it to the piece of thread with buttons on either side.My son is still too small for that idea.


Teddy Bear & duck pond page

These were one of the first objects he identified:).The Teddy bear ears are flappable.


Butterfly Bees & flowers page

The butterfly did not turn out as expected:),but I like the flowers and the bees.


Lion and Fish page

For these pages in my quiet book,I have used the light and dark shades of green and blue to teach the difference in color.The leaves  also work as a flap to reveal the lion inside.


Please feel free to leave your comments below.


7 thoughts on “Easy No-Sew Felt Quiet Book

  1. absolutely precious. I appreciate your no sew approach & I’m sure your son is more than pleased with his momma’s work. Thank you for sharing.


  2. Just started making quiet books and love your page I not good at drawing but seeing your work has make me feel that I can give it a go thanks x


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