Toddler words on canvas


My almost two year old son starting babbling all these cute words recently.It is just great to have someone to talk to all day long at home and have him respond back to some degree at least:).

I found this wonderful free word cloud web site called  “Tagxedo”, which helped me create my word cloud art in any custom shape.Since my son loves elephants I made one in the shape of a baby elephant.


Canvas(I used 16×20)

Paint pens(Available at any craft store,I got one set in Michaels for 6.99)


A large printout of the word cloud you created


In order to transfer it to the canvas I first got a printout from fedex in the required size.Then I just traced on the back of the words a couple of times,so that they were visible from under the canvas frame.

Then the next step was tracing out the words on the canvas and coloring them with the paint pens.I found this to be a lot simpler than using a brush and it was smudge free.But if you are an expert painter with steady hands  you can also use a fine tip brush.

And Voilà! That is it.This is an easy diy project to do and also it is a fun activity for my toddler to point at the elephant while I read the words he so often uses.

Please do try this out and let me know what you think about it the comment section below.



DIY book – Ducky the duck


This is a simple foldable book I made for my son.

All I used were

A long piece of cardboard which is foldable

Sharpie pen

Color pencils/Crayons


First I folded the piece of cardboard in accordion style to form the various pages.

Then I worked on creating a simple storyaround a character called Ducky the duck.My son is fond of ducks:)

Then I simply drew out the story with my black sharpie pen and added colors to it.

Thats it.It took me just half an hour and I have read it out endless times to my son.

Its a winner.

Below are the pages I made.







Hope you liked this DIY book.Please do comment below:)

Glow-in-the dark car entertainment

I recently traveled with my one year old son on a road trip for three hours.Thankfully he slept one way, but on the return journey he was wide awake.We played with his toys,sang songs and ooo-ed at the big trucks that passed us on the highway.

As it was late evening,the light began to fade out.Entertaining a toddler in a car sat in the dark was a tough task.There was a lot of crying and fussing by the time we reached home.That got me thinking of ways to avoid this in the future.

Then I remembered the glow in the dark balls I used to play with when I was small.I decided to make a glow-in-the-dark design to stick on the roof of the car above his car seat.

Materials used:

Rectangular piece of cloth

Glow in the dark paint

Velcro strip

Green or dark yellow crayon.

P.S. I used dark blue cloth but lighter preferably white cloth would work.

If you can draw well,use the paint directly on the cloth


First I drew the design with my crayon on the cloth.(Not very clear:) )


Then I outlined it with the glow in the dark paint and let it dry for 4 hours.


Please check the instructions on your glow in the paint bottle for drying instructions.

And voila!


I charged it for 30 minutes under a normal bulb light.It will glow after 5 minutes of charging under sun light.For better results and if you are willing to spend more you can use an UV light torch or black light bulb too.

Again please check the instructions on your glow in the paint bottle for charging instructions.

Please let me know what you think of it:).

Board Activity Book

My son enjoys the board books,we get him from the local library.

So I decided to make one for him.It started out as one but in the end it diverged  to  two board books:).


photo (8).JPG

So here is how I did it.


Old cardboard box

Fat Quarter cloth(White for the pages and Blue print for the cover)

Foam /Felt sheets

Wipes container lid

Icecream sticks




First I cut the cardboard into roughly 6×6 cm squares.

photo (7)

Then using the white fat quarter cloth I covered and hot glued the cardboard pages.

Next I filled in the pages with all the activities which I thought would entertain my son.

Finally I cover the book with the elephant print cloth I got,leaving enough space for the spine of the book.

photo (7)

Here is what I did on each page.

Book 1:

Busy Bee Pull Tab page

This page has one of my son’s favorite toys.Busy bee.He got it for his birthday and he plays with it many times a day.

For this page,I cut out a small busy bee picture from the toy’s box and hot glued it to a piece of cardboard,making the dimensions according the bee’s width and the page’s height.

Then I poked two holes on the cardboard page cloth where I would like the bee to come out from,and cut out connecting the dots.

I tested the bee tab if it would insert correctly.

Next,I hot glued another piece of thick cardboard at the end of the first cardboard tab perpendicularly to make an L shape.

Finally I cut out the top cardboard tab into a curve at the top and stuck a yellow foam sheet  at the first and back of the visible portion.

I tested it with my son and he was able to pull it out.

So I added another thick piece of cardboard to the horizontal piece inside the page.

Test result – success:).

Jungle Pull Tab Page

My son loves animals and has enough stuffed animals to prove it.So I made another pull tab page following the previous page.

The design is similar to the Bee page,but the  tab has to be inserted  as shown in the first picture above.

Beach page

Beaches are one of the favorite places for my husband and me:).
My son has not visited a beach yet,so I decided to make a double page feature  to show him:).

photo (8)
This is a touch and feel page.

I have used thin foam sheets for the sun,sky,sand and sea.

For the clouds I have used a thick foam sheet which I got as part of packaging of an online purchase;)

The grey birds(near the clouds though not clear in this picture) are made of felt.
The shell is a pasta shell.
The crab is cut out of red ribbon.I sealed all the ends so that the thread won’t come out.

Book 2:

The front  cover of the second book is cut out like a photo frame in order to cover the bulky peacock inside.

Peacock page

Never too early to teach my son Patriotism:).The outer cover  represents the tricolor flag of India.

For the peacock,I was inspired by

I added the decorations on the feathers for texture touch activity .

photo (8)I hot glued one of the ice cream sticks to the cardboard page,so the peacock feathers can be opened and closed like a paper fan.

Dog page

photo (8)

As I have mentioned in my previous post,my son loved Dogs.

For this page, I have used a baby wipes container lid.

I simply hot glued it to the white cloth of the cardboard page.
Then stuck a dog face sticker with some yellow card stock paper as background.It opens in the reverse direction o reveal the dog just for a twist:).

Beads page

photo (8)

I just strung some beads onto a thick thread and hot glued the ends.
I also hot glued some buttons and a small cotton ball.


Magnetic fish page

I loved this game as a kid. So I have replicated it in this book.

photo (8)

For the fishes,I have cut two pieces of foam and placed a keychain ring inside them.Then I have stuffed the fish with some felt for puffiness.Then I hot glued the pieces together.
For the pond,I hit glued two pieces of dark blue felt.One oval and the other rectangular to make a pocket for the fishes.
For the rod,I have used a felt stuffed stick,some thread and a small green magnet.There is a holder for the rod.

To increase its sturdiness you can use a dowel rod or an ice-cream stick with some strong twine.

This page is the end of the second book and the back cover is cut out like a photo frame in order to cover the fish game inside.

I have decorated the frame with some felt pond plants.


Hope you like my board book ideas.

Do leave your comments below.


Ragi (Finger Millet) Ladoo

Ragi Ladoos

Ragi or Finger Millet is one of the most nutritious cereals.It is a great baby food.It has high protein value,is a rich source of minerals.



Ingredients(makes 6-7 small balls)

Ragi(Finger Millet)flour – 1/2 cup

Almond -10 nos

Brown / Palm sugar – 3-4 teaspoons(can increase or decrease according to taste)

Ghee – 2-3 tablespoons(can increase or decrease according to taste)

Note: Adding a little more ghee will give the ladoos a shiny gleam like chocolate:)


Add the required amount of ghee to a pan of your choice.Wait for it to melt.


Then add the ragi/finger millet flour and mix well till the raw smell goes.


Next finely grind the almonds with the skin and add to the mixture.




Finally add the brown sugar and mix well.

After it slightly cools down and small round balls.Add more ghee if required.


Ragi power ladoos are ready:).

Easy Rattle Explorer Toy

All babies love toys that make sound.

I did not like my son chewing on plastic rattles,so I tied up all the plastic to make a toy a little of his reach.

Yes I am a genius. Hahaha.

Here is an easy DIY toy you can make at home with random stuff you lying around.



For this you will need:

A long piece of thread

A pair of scissors

Any small plastic container with a lid(Mine is an old $1 Oreo box)

Some small plastic rattles

Some favorites toys(Safe and choke-free)

I have used 2 small stacking rings  but I tied them to the top and bottom of the lid.So he wouldn’t able to put them in his mouth.


With a pair of scissors or any sharp object,poke and make two tiny hole in the lid and at the bottom of the container(just enough for the thread to pass through).

Pass the piece of thread through the lid and container making knots above the lid and outside the bottom of  the container.Make sure it is tied securely.

Fill the container with the favorite small toys you have selected.

Add the small rattles on top of the lid,make a knot again to secure it agin.

Finally tie the thread to a door handle.

Here are some more photo angles below.


This serves as both a rattle and a explorer toy.My son loves to shake it and pick out his favorite toys from inside by moving the lid.He throws them to the floor and then picks them up again and puts them in.

So this toy helps in improving his

Grasping small objects(motor skills)

Tugging the thread(fine motor skills again)

Standing and bending down (Balance)

Most of all it serves as a distraction while he tries to follow me into the kitchen:).

Please leave your comments to let me know what you think about it…


Easy No-Sew Felt Quiet Book

My son and me:)

I must confess straight away that I am not artistic but I love crafts.Always have.

After exhausting my maternity leave I decided to become a SAHM.Though my son keeps me busy and everything he does is precious…I do miss my job once in a while.

So I started with simple DIYs from the internet,Pinterest and YouTube.

By far,this concept of felt quiet/busy book got me interested.(Also lesser guilt as I was making it for the lil one).But I can’t sew , so making any of those lovely busy books with tiny washing machines and cute clothes was out of the question.

My quiet book is of the hot glue gun kind.Also as this is my first post,I only have snaps of the finished book.I will definitely do a step by step picture post the next time.

Things I used

  1. Felt cloth
  2. Foam sheets
  3. Hot glue gun

Note:Use felt cloth/foam sheets in all colors.I got mine at Walmart for 23 cents per cloth and a whole pack of foam sheets for half a dollar.The glue gun with 10 glue sticks was 5 dollars.Good budget I would say:)


  1. For the pages,I cut out 10 felt cloths of different colors in the size of 6″x6″.(You can use any small  board book to outline the page size too.)
  2. Next for the quiet book cover,neatly stack all the pages and wrap a felt cloth over it.Make sure to leave space for the spine of the book.
  3. Now using the hot glue gun ,attach the pages on to the spine of the quiet book(centre of the covering felt cloth).
  4. Make sure to press all the pages in place and re-glue the pages if not firm.
  5. Finally you can fill in the pages with your creativity.I used felt cloth and foam sheets alternatively for the design.

Below the pages which I made:)


Rocket & Alien Page

Twinkle twinkle little star,what a gift from GOD you are!!!!


Vegetable page

I choose his not so favorite vegetables so he may like them better:)


Balloons & Rainbow house page

I used some colored thread for the balloons.Rainbow colored felt strips for the roof and a pink square felt cloth stuck only on the left side to work as a flap.

I put a family photo inside the pink flap

Jungle animals page


These are his favorite animals.HE can pull along the trunk of the elephant.


Cat Dog page

He is crazy about bow-wow s and I love cats.He can tug on the dog’s ears.


Car & Aeroplane page

You can make the car mobile by attaching it to the piece of thread with buttons on either side.My son is still too small for that idea.


Teddy Bear & duck pond page

These were one of the first objects he identified:).The Teddy bear ears are flappable.


Butterfly Bees & flowers page

The butterfly did not turn out as expected:),but I like the flowers and the bees.


Lion and Fish page

For these pages in my quiet book,I have used the light and dark shades of green and blue to teach the difference in color.The leaves  also work as a flap to reveal the lion inside.


Please feel free to leave your comments below.